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Mogul architect, deliver and maintain effective online training with a commitment to educate and support our clients’ employees, partners and affiliates.

Each Mogul platform is unique to meet our clients training requirements. Enhancing and supporting our client’s brand to be an extension of their marketing. A client’s Mogul platform is designed to align with their company’s own website and other intellectual property, to help strengthen brand engagement and brand awareness.

Mogul training platforms allow our clients to have a fully-owned database of their training audience, with users reported activity providing valuable insights to help make sales and marketing campaigns more focused and effective.

The entire application was developed, and is maintained, in-house by the Mogul team in, London, UK.

E-learning Overview

The platform will allow for the creation of compelling and engaging courses using the latest principles in training including:
• Micro-learning – improves knowledge retention
• Continuous progress – encourages course completion
• Instant recognition/reward – increases engagement
• Gamification – improves completion rates and boosts engagement
• Highly interactive – boosts engagement and knowledge retention
• Multimedia – appeals to different learning styles
• Visually rich content – a more enjoyable user experience
• Easy editing of content – keeps courses up to date

Presenting your Product

Take full advantage of existing media and content to showcase your products and services in the best possible light while educating your user community.
Freedom of design and the ability to utilise the full display means your brand identity is re-enforced, as you control the look and feel of the platform.
Learning will be engaging, enjoyable and available at any time, in any place, on any device through a responsive design.
We work with our destinations to agree course content, structure and design and then fine tune the user experience to deliver a learning journey that users will love and delivers against business objectives.

User Dashboards

Clear visual dashboards provide guidance and clarity for both users and administrators.

The learner dashboard lets individuals track their progress, check for webinar bookings, view their awards and certificates, and quickly find knowledge forum threads that they have interacted with.

The user dashboard is a dynamic page that can include any information we wish to communicate with the user.

Leader Boarding and Certification

Leader boarding, point scoring and incentives will allow logged-in users to earn points each time that they read lesson content, pass courses, share information, attend webinars, correctly answer on-screen questions in the forum and pass knowledge checks.

E-Learning Templates

Your system will be set up with the ability to build learning based on courses, modules, lessons and quizzes.

The platform is available with the following lesson templates out the box, however, we create bespoke templates to help best display any content.

Rich ways to display text and images half and full screen width

  • Image and video galleries with Hotspots
  • Tiled images with content pop ups
  • Flip cards
  • Video
  • Timeline
  • Events
  • Interactive Maps
  • Connectivity and Routes

Reporting and Data

Measuring and monitoring activity shouldn’t be restricted to basic metrics such as number of registrations and pass or fail rates.

Actionable analytics and a bespoke reporting module mean that you get to measure the metrics that matter to you.

Valuable insights can be discovered through course completion statistics, seasonal activity differences and the overall performance of all modules.

Relate training outcomes to business objectives through insightful measurement of engagement levels and react quickly to identified gaps in market knowledge.

Identify and segment groups based on reported activity levels to customise and personalise marketing and incentives, which will help to make your sales and marketing campaigns more effective.

Mogul platforms offer but are not limited to: