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Exodus Expert


Exodus Travels run adventure and activity tours around the world.


Client needs

Exodus Travels run adventure and activities tours around the world. They employ a large number of professional guides to lead their customers. Training had historically been provided through a handbook but this didn’t offer them the confirmation that everyone was trained to the same standard.


Exodus needed to provide an online version of the handbook that would validate the training of their global network of tour leaders with a fixed learning pathway and a series of tests. They needed to learn company values from areas like customer service right down to the details of health and safety.


The site design had to be responsive as many of the guides don’t have access to desktops and would be using tablets to complete their training.


What we delivered

The Mogul designers worked closely with Exodus to build a linear training course for the tour leaders. Content was provided in a number of interactive ways using flip cards, carousels of images, interactive maps and downloadable content within the training.


The design was built so that the tablet experience delivered a highly engaging experience, that would run on a local network to cater for the number of images and videos that had to be included.


To ensure that training was more than a ‘tick in the box’ experience, a range of meaningful interactions were created with multiple types of questioning in each lesson, including multiple choice, true or false, drag and drop, and a self-marking exercise that had to be passed.


The homepage of the course, which was designed for a closed user group, displays the number of tour leaders who have successfully completed training. After 6 months this number stood at 430 users from all over the world. The course only had to be completed once and links to the manual were built in so there is no need for reengagement of users unless they haven’t completed and passed the modules.