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Magical Kenya Travel Specialist

The Brief

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) were looking at improving their online training capabilities to have a user friendly, interactive platform that aims to maximise engagement with their audience, bespoke and flexible to Magical Kenya’s needs, capable of managing multiple markets, which will assist with future reporting and marketing campaigns.

The Solution

Mogul designed, developed and delivered the Magical Kenya Travel Specialist, created to deliver and maintain effective online training targeted at travel agents around the world.

The platform delivers a complete suite of engaging tools which use the latest principles of e-learning, to enable users to easily gain and retain destination knowledge in a more effective way.

Magical Kenya is an iconic travel destination in East Africa. Due to its strategic location astride the equator, it offers a rich mix of diverse and memorable travel experiences all year round. The eLearning platform will equip the travel agents with the relevant knowledge on Kenya’s unique and diverse offering for the discerning traveller. Upon completion of the Magical Kenya Travel Specialist Program, agents will qualify as Certified Kenya Travel Specialists and can offer their newfound expertise to their clients and sell the destination with confidence.